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.......the Hippest School in America!!!

Our goal is to create a student-centered learning environment that includes: high academic standards, unique educational experiences, strong student/teacher relationships, and an overall positive atmosphere where students learn to be responsible,                                                                                  respectful, and kind.

2017-2018 PreK Drawing
1. Bring an official proof of residency to the CES office.
               (current utility bill or lease agreement)

2. Fill out a PreK application and submit it with your    
    proof of residency to enter the drawing.
Applications will be available April 24th - May 2nd.
  *Applications can be submitted between 8:00 and 4:00
    on the 24th through the 2nd. 

Drawing will be held on Tuesday, May 2nd @ 4:15.
Roster will be posted on the front doors by 5:00. 

*Out-of-district applicants will be drawn and placed on a    
  waiting list. 

Print the application, attach your proof of residency, 
and bring to CES by Tuesday, May 2nd to be 
entered in the Pre-K Drawing. 

CES Student Handbook
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School Supply List
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