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Schroder, Lindsey

Meet the Maestro
Mrs. Schroder


7:45-8:00  Morning Duty
8:30-9:15  Plan
9:15-10:00  4th Grade
10:05-10:50  5th Grade
10:55-11:40  3rd Grade
11:40-12:25  Lunch
12:25-1:10  2nd Grade
1:15-2:00  1st Grade
2:05-2:45  Kinder

Longhorn Chorus meets every Tuesday from 7:30-8:00am
in the Music Room

 Sept. 18th
Constitution Day
4th Grade

Oct. 11th
3rd Grade

Nov. 12th
Veteran's Day
5th Grade

Dec. 6th
Dinner Theater
Drama Club

Dec. 14th
Chisholm Winter
Choir Concert
(CES, CMS, & CHS) 

Dec. 18th 
Party in a Pear Tree
2nd Grade

Jan. 8th
Circle the State
with Song

Jan. 16-19
OkMEA All-State
Children's Chorus

Mar. 7th
Barnyard Moosical

Mar. 21-24
OAKE National
Children's Chorus

Mar. 25th
Parent-Teacher Choir

Apr. 4th
1st Grade

May 6th
Family Folk Night
5th Grade

May 11th
Longhorn Chorus to
Heartland Music Fest

 My name is Lindsey Schroder and I am the music teacher this year at Chisholm Elementary!
This will be my sixth year at CES and eleventh year of teaching music.
I am both excited and blessed to be a Longhorn!

I have completed all three levels for my National Kodaly Certification, which also counts toward a Master’s Degree in Music Education at the University of Oklahoma.  I was named a Rising Star in the 2016 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Program, and the 2015 Teacher of the Year for Chisholm Public Schools.  Previously, I was also named the Oklahoma Music Educators Association’s
2013 Young Music Educator for the state.  

This year, I serve as the Past-President for the Oklahoma Kodaly Educators and Elementary Vice President for the Oklahoma Music Educators Association.  I was also on the National Programming Committee for the Organization of American Kodaly Educators National Conference in
Oklahoma City this past Spring!  Currently, I am serving on the Fine Arts Committee for the State Department of Education.

I have been a choral clinician for various Circle the State with Song region festivals, and continue
to take classes and present/attend workshops to further my education and teaching strategies.  Before coming to Chisholm, I was working for Enid Public Schools as the music teacher at
Glenwood Elementary and Adams Elementary prior to that.

I am also President and co-founder of our newly created Enid Community Children's Chorus!  
We began in the 2014-2015 school year
, and with much success and support from the community, Year FIVE will kick off again in September with many of our returning members plus new faces!

Originally from Kingfisher, I headed to Stillwater to become an Oklahoma State Cowboy!
I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education in 2008.  That year, I also married my high school sweetheart, Tyler, moved to Enid, and since have become a mom to our
four-year-old son, Dean, and Rhett, who was born this past January.

We are also the proud parents of two pugs, Wrigley and Pete.

I have so many plans and exciting events that will be taking place this year, both in- and outside of the music room.  If you have any questions/concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate
to leave a message or email me at 

I’m looking forward to a great year!

Musically Yours, 
Mrs. Schroder


Here at CES, 
I am the director for our 4th-5th Grade honor choir,
Longhorn Chorus.  
Our Longhorn Chorus has many opportunities to perform, concluding the year with a performance at the Heartland Music Fest and a day spent at Frontier City!
I am so pleased to say that our choir was chosen as the SWEEPSTAKES WINNER the choir division
twice in the past five years, along with Distinguished Performance, and a superior rating each year!
Longhorn Chorus is open to any student who returns the form by our first rehearsal.
These students in choir may also audition for extra opportunities throughout the year, such as
Circle the State with Song, All-State Children's Chorus, and other various choirs at the state, regional, and national levels.

2015-2016       2014-2015

I am also a coach for our 3rd-5th Grade Drama Club, alongside Mindy John (PreK)
and Keisha Ott (4th).  Each year, Drama Club puts on a performance and hosts a Dinner Theater
for families.  Last year, we performed Beauty and the Beast
 and we will be auditioning
new members this Fall semester!  


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