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Beichler, Brandon Art Teacher bbeichler@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Buford, Travis Math tbuford@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Bullis,Jacob Math jbullis@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Burns, Kevin World History/ World Geography  kburns@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Chance, Amie Paraprofessional achance@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Coleman,James Forensic Science/Athletics jcoleman@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Ebel, Jim Science Instructor jebel@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Fischer, April HS Spanish/ Spanish Club afischer@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Frye, Carolynn High School Secretary cfrye@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Hale, Suzanne Paraprofessional shale@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Hodges, Debbie 9th and 10th English dhodges@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Hula, Gary Pre-Ap & Ap Biology/ Pre-Ap Chemistry/ Chemistry ghula@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Johnson, Randy HS Band/ Vocal Music rjohnson@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Karnes, Mike OK History/ American History/ Geography/ FCA mkarnes@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
LeGrant, Lindy Algebra I, II/ Honors Algebra/ Scholastic Team llegrant@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Mabry, Carol High School Secretary cmabry@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Millard, Martha Library Media Specialist mmillard@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Miller, Corey Computer Apps & HS Boys Basketball Coach cmiller@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Miller, Jennifer Special Education Teacher jmiller@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Norman, Connie Library Assistant cnorman@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Parker, Gerald Probability & Statistics/Algebra I/Intermediate Algebra gparker@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Parsons, Lisa Counselor lparsons@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Paul, Stacia HS Cheer Coach spaul@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Reeves, Kathleen 11th English/ Student Council/ Speech & Debate reevesk@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Reinart, Joey Assistant Principal & Athletic Director jreinart@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Savage, Justin OK History, PFL & Coach jsavage@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Schanbacher, Justin Econ & Government jschanbacher@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Simpson, Wayne Ag/Tech Teacher/ FFA wsimpson@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Snider, Ryan AP Eruo rsnider@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Stallcup, Richard Band rstallcup@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Stuckey, Emily Senior English estuckey@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Troxell, Stacy English stroxell@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Weber, Beverly Special Education bweber@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Showing 33 items