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Click on a teacher's name to access his/her website.  CMS teachers now take advantage of Google Classroom to communicate assignments, schedules, notes, etc.  Please access your child's "Classrooms" using his/her school-issued Google account and visiting classroom.google.com or using the link on each teacher's faculty page.
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NameSubject E-Mail
NameSubject E-Mail
Allen, Dirk 8th Grade Math dallen@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Barnes, Amy 6th Grade Science, Keyboarding abarnes@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Barnes, Brett Dean of Students, 8th Science, Baseball bbarnes@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Buford, Stacy 7th Language Arts sbuford@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Castle, Jamie 7th Math, STEM/Yearbook jcastle@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Coats,Mary 6th Grade Language Arts mcoats@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Coleman, James Football, Cross Country, Track jcoleman@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Comstock, Jack Counselor, Honor Society jcomstock@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Eckert, Robin 6th & 7th Grade Geography, Cheer reckert@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Fischer, April Spanish afischer@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Gragg, Tana PE, Health, Girls Track tgragg@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Hamilton, Kendra Speech Pathology khamilton@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Jager, Leslie Special Education ljager@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Krejci,Lenita Keyboarding, 6th Language Arts, Drama  lkrejci@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Kuehn, Angie CMS Secretary, Cheer akuehn@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Land, Abby 8th Grade Language Arts, Scholastic Team aland@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Luskey,Brenda Special Education bluskey@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Millard, Martha Library Media Specialist mmillard@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Nelson,Rocky 6th Math, Boys Basketball rnelson@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Norman, Connie Library Assistant cnorman@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Ramon, Trista 7th Geography, Softball tramon@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Simpson, Wayne Ag/ FFA wsimpson@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Smith, Karen 6th & 7th Science, Academic Team, Builder's Club karens@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Snider, Ryan 8th Grade US History rsnider@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Stallcup, Richard Band, Music, Humanities rstallcup@chisholm.k12.ok.us 
Showing 25 items