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Duke 7th Grade TIP 2017-18

September 5-November SAT paper application postmark deadline

September 27-November SAT online enrollment deadline

October 10-December ACT and SAT paper application postmark deadline

October 25-December ACT and SAT online enrollment deadline

December 13-February ACT paper application postmark deadline

January 8-February ACT online enrollment deadline

Paper applications are available from Mr. Comstock

Online enrollment    www.tip.duke.edu/enroll

School ID   www.tip.duke.edu/7id

Test centers  www.tip.duke.edu/7testcenters

Benefits  www.tip.duke.edu/7benefits

Webinars  www.tip.duke.edu/webinars

Calendar   www.tip.duke.edu/7calendar

Frequently asked questions  www.tip.duke.edu/7faq

For more information www.tip.duke.edu/7gts

To call Duke TIP directly with questions (919) 668-9100