Every year, the state of Oklahoma┬┤s Education Oversight Board, through the Office of Accountability, produces high quality reports on school performance at the state, district, and school level. A large portion of the information used in these reports is not available from the source agencies or organizations until several months after the close of the school year. After receiving the data, the Office of Accountability is persistent in working with the provider to audit and verify the information to ensure that only the most accurate statistics are published. Each spring the Office of Accountability publishes the results of the previous school year.

The Oklahoma Educational Indicators Program measures the performance of school districts with data from many sources. The measurements comprise of many indicators from graduation/drop-out rates to school finances.

There are two websites that will provide information regarding our school. They are both listed below.

1st Website: To learn more about the Oklahoma Education Oversight Board Office of Accountability and the Oklahoma Educational Indicators Program.

Go to this link: School Report Cards

2nd Website: Oklahoma State Department of Education

School Report Cards

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