My name is Jack Comstock and this is my eighth year at Chisholm Middle School, but my 15th year as a public school counselor. I have also been a classroom teacher and coach, directed student services in higher education, counselor at a mental health hospital, psychologist at a state facility for the developmentally disabled and provided educational services at a non-profit helping youth high school dropouts earn their GED and continue onto higher education and/or employment. I have also been a part time contract counselor for a local Enid counseling agency working with school age youth needing help with behavior modification.

My responsibility as a counselor as I see it is to help create the best possible positive learning environment for our students. Anything and/or anybody (even if that "anybody" is themselves) that makes their learning environment less desirable is something I want to help them respond to in an appropriate and positive way. Going hand in hand with this is helping students learn responsible behaviors, make appropriate choices in what they say and do and how they perceive situations. Sometimes the easiest choice is not the best, most appropriate choice and helping them understand that "best" is better than "easiest" and will produce the most positive outcomes is part of helping create a positive learning environment. I believe this can easily transfer to environments outside of school as well.

Education-Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas     Bachelor of Science in Education-Secondary     Master of Science-Counselor Education

Certifications-K-12 School Counselor      Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist (BHRS).

Hobbies/interests-1. Reading-particularly mysteries and thrillers 2. Music-all genres of rock with some heavy metal thrown in the mix; a tiny bit of country but (only if it has some great guitar riffs!); last but not least would be the blues. 3. Sports-I can find something to appreciate from just about any sport, but basketball would probably be my favorite team sport. These days I am more of a "follower" than a "participant" but I can be persuaded to lace up the Nikes from time to time. The one sport I do participate in is bowling-and yes bowling IS a sport! I have 2 perfect 300 games under my belt which means you can find my name in the Bowling Hall of Fame believe it or not. 4. Sharks-in particular the "Carcharodon Carcharias"-better known as the Great White. Of course I never miss Shark Week! On my bucket list is to swim with a Great White outside of a cage-just me and the shark with nothing but water between us.