Purpose: The purpose of CMS Hornville is to provide an avenue to help our students achieve the mission of Chisholm Public Schools.


Standard 1: Follows class procedures; brings materials, follows directions, and stays on task.

Standard 2: Invests in learning through engaged practice with objectives. Works either individually or in a group to accomplish daily objectives.

Standard 3: RESPECT: Demonstrates respect and compassion toward fellow students and teachers.

Standard 4: INTEGRITY: Is honest in work, effort, actions, and words.

Standard 5: Uses appropriate strategies for dealing with conflict. Does not threaten or use physical means to deal with stressful situations.


When are advisory challenges?
A: Advisory challenges take place each advisory Friday during Horn Time.

Who gets to compete?
A: Advisory challenges vary in number of participants from every member of every advisory to just winning advisories to selected clean-card members of winning advisories.

What happens if an advisory wins the challenge?
A: The winning advisory receives the traveling pig for the week, and their team card percentage is converted to money and "placed" in the traveling pig.

What happens to the money in the traveling pig?
A: The advisory that wins the pig the most number of weeks throughout the school year will receive the total amount of money in the pig. The advisory may determine how the money will be spent.


What is the purpose of the Hornville Card?
A: At CMS, we use the Hornville Card as a way to communicate student progress on the 5 PRIDE Standards as well as provide the students with a hands-on way to reflect on their own growth. Being personally responsible is the first step to personal empowerment!

How often do I get a new card?
A: New cards are issued weekly, usually by the advisory teacher.

How does the point system work?
A: The card is "graded" using our CMS Standards scale of 4, 3, 2, 1. Students with a clean card in a standard earn a 3 in that standard for the week. Students with a hole punch earn a 2 in that standard for the week, and students with more than one hole punch or detention for a standard earn a 1 for that standard for the week.

How do I get a 4?
A: A 4 indicates a student goes above and beyond with respect to a specific standard. When a member of the faculty notices this level of excellence, a Hornville sticker will be issued by the teacher. Students with a sticker for a standard earn a 4 for that standard for the week.

What are the points used for?
A: The points are used for both individual and team calculations. During advisory weeks, each advisory will calculate and report a team percentage of points kept for the week. The advisory in each grade level with the highest percentage for the week participates in the Hornville Challenge on Friday afternoons. Additionally, each week the advisory teachers enter each students card scores into the PowerSchool gradebook under the advisory class.

How can parents access Hornville Card scores?
A. Parents can look at student growth data in two ways. First, parents can ask to see their child's Hornville Card for the week. Also, parents may view the data using their PowerSchool logins to check grades. Click the standards tab at the top to change the screen to standards instead of quick lookup. Scroll to view the Advisory class scores for each of the 5 PRIDE standards.

Are Hornville Cards replaceable?
A: No, it is important for students to write their names in ink on their cards each week and keep them in a safe place, like a zipper pocket in a binder. Unfortunately, we can't replace cards because doing so would make it too easy to alter the data the card provides students, parents, and teachers. The office will provide lanyards upon request.

How many hole punches can I get in a week?
A: The card is worth 3 points for the week, so students may earn 3 punches for not following one or more of the 5 PRIDE Standards.

What happens if my card is full?
A: If a student has a "full" card with 3 punches, the teacher will assign a detention for any further infractions.

What is the grid on the back of the card?
A: The grid represents the 5 Pride standards listed above.